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Baking has been in my heart for a long time...

I started baking at the age of 9 when I got my first Easy Bake oven, I was the only girl of six and having 5 brothers I baked allot of cakes for birthdays and holidays.. I remember helping my Mom bake that special pie and making cinnamon sticks with the leftover pie dough...Then having 3 children of my own I started baking for school bake sales...entering in my first cake contest in the 1980s through my son's school...  I love expressing myself through my love of art, and picking up a paint brush started selling some of my art work in the 1990s, then I finally decided I would take basic cake decorating classes, and through my love of baking and art turned it into making cakes....since then I love designing, baking and creating cakes, cupcakes and cookie designs...I love the challenge of creating that special design



Birthday Cakes:

I love creating Birthday cakes and seeing the happy faces when they receive that special cake....

Baby Shower


A baby shower is the begining of something special to help welcome that little-one into the world...I love creating baby shower designs.

Special Cakes

Special cakes for that graduation or how about alittle something different...Unique designs are my favorite!

Cake Gallerey

How about a design to match the cake flavor: Lemon/Orange cake...Pumpkin/Walnut cake...Chocolate/Cherry cake...or even apple cake!

Wedding Cakes


Most of all the cakes...The wedding cake...Modern, Chic, Clasic, pretty, what ever the design the cake becomes a part something special...I love to help create that special design for the special day!





See my Cake Photos for additional designs!